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Children's furniture - organic and sustainable

It's a rare sight to see quality children's furniture, designed in Denmark, made of sustainable and organic wood and with a really solid built quality.

However this is exactly what Hemmingsen Interior has made with their really nice learning tower and climbing frames.

With these products the toddlers and young kids have plenty of options to explore the world in a safe environemnt while at the same time strengthning their motor skills, creativity, movement and curiosity.

Learning tower - Danish design and with 3 functions

It is a rarity to see a Danish designed learning tower, but that is exactly what you will find here at PureTime.

Learning towers are children's furniture for the little ones, because they can strengthen motor skills, mobility and coordination as well as explore their creativity and curiosity.

Hemmingsen Interiør has created some really nice children's furniture - both Maya learning tower and Anthon climbing frame is designed from scratch.

Climbing frame - sustainably produced

Both the climbing frame and the learning tower are sustainably made of organic birch wood and assembled by hand, and an organic and water-repellent varnish has been used as the last layer - to make the furniture even more resistant.

At the same time, the varnish makes it easy to wipe the product off with a damp cloth.

In addition to sustainable production, birch wood is a solid type of wood, so your furniture can withstand many hours of play and learning.

Safety approved in Denmark

The great advantage when you design and have a piece of furniture made yourself is that you are in control of the process and are also responsible for testing and getting your product approved.

Both the climbing frame and the learning tower are safety approved in Denmark according to the strict rules that we have - and which must be in place when it comes to safety in relation to children.

Therefore, you can safely let your child use the furniture - either with you for a cozy moment - or as an exploration for the child while you arrange clothes, food or other practical matters.

Let the child learn for itself

Whether you choose a learning tower or climbing frame from Hemmingsen Interiør, the child has ample opportunity to play and learn for themselves.

Learning something yourself is healthy for children, who both become aware of their own abilities, store their newfound learning really deeply and have a successful experience, which in turn will give them the courage to learn more and explore even more.

Learning tower that develops with the child

One of the really cool things about the Maya learning tower is that it develops with the child and can be used for several years.

The tower function itself is ideal when the child has to learn to crawl, coordinate, stand and balance - in a safe environment.

However, the learning tower also has other functions. By using one part, you have a really nice and solid stool, which the child can both sit on or stand on when they get a little older and want to help at the kitchen table.

Finally, the tower can be used as a small chair with an accompanying table, where the child can sit and draw, eat or something completely different.

You will not find many other learning towers that can.

Smart functions on the climbing frame

Also on the climbing frame there are some really cool features.

First, the stand can be folded when not in use, so it does not take up much space.

Secondly, the stand comes with a plate that is on one side a small staircase and on the other side completely smooth, so it acts as a ramp or slide.

You can adjust how high up the plate should be put on, so you can slowly increase the degree of difficulty as the child masters more and more.

Worldwide shipping and 90 days return policy

When you buy a climbing frame or learning tower, you get the furniture delivered to the door. At the same time, you get a 90-day right of return, because I think that gives a security and plenty of time to assess whether the product is something for you.

Other exciting products in wood

Remember that PureTime also has other exciting and Danish designed products in wood. You can both find delicious wooden wallclocks, wooden shelves and several other exciting products in the shop, and if you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me. I usually respond within quite a few hours.

Enjoy your shopping.