Strangways - wooden floating shelf with round edge • Light • 3 sizes
Strangways - wooden floating shelf with round edge • Light • 3 sizes
DEMO - Strangways - svævehylde i træ med lige kant • Lys • 40 cm
Strangways - wooden floating shelf with round edge • Light • 3 sizes
Strangways - wooden floating shelf with round edge • Light • 3 sizes
Strangways - svævehylde i træ

Strangways - wooden floating shelf with round edge • Light • 3 sizes

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Designed inDenmark

Right to return90 days

Manufactured inthe EU

Oak wood from the EU

There are not many things that are as elegant and practical at the same time in your interior as a real floating shelf.

Strangways in light, solid oak is designed with a focus on organic, round lines and a desire to combine the minimalist, Danish design with a high finish and a product in real, solid oak.

You can choose between 3 sizes:

  • 40 x 11 cm
  • 60 x 16.5 cm
  • 80 x 20 cm

The shelf shown in the decorative photos is the shortest shelf.

On the smallest shelf, the suspension is milled out at the back of the shelf, so that you can simply mount the shelf via two screws in the wall.

On the two largest shelves, two brackets are included, which are mounted on the wall, after which the shelf slides over the two rods that protrude from the bracket.

The 40 cm shelf has been tested to be able to carry 5 kg - while the 60 and 80 cm shelves have been tested to be able to carry 10 kg.

The shelf is 2 cm thick, made in the EU from local oak, and as the last step in the production it has been once given a protective, transparent wax oil, so that it stays nice for a long time - and is protected against wear.

The shelf is perfect for the kitchen or bedroom, just as it is obvious in the bathroom or for a small wall in the living room. Only the imagination and your wishes for decoration set the limits, and the soft and round natural edge at the front gives a nice, organic flair to your decoration.

As each shelf is made from several composite wooden beams, there may be color and structure differences in each individual shelf . It is natural and makes it something completely unique. If you have special wishes for the appearance, please note it in the comment field.

Note: If you hang the wooden shelf on plaster walls and similar porous walls, you must use special rawl plugs to achieve the same load-bearing capacity.

Design: PureTime.

Download assembly instructions for Strangways 40 cm here

Download assembly instructions for Strangways 60 cm and 80 cm here

See video with assembly tips for Strangways 40 cm here


  • Solid oak
  • Produced in the EU
  • Size: 40 x 11 cm, 60 x 16.5 cm, 80 x 20 cm
  • Thickness: 2 cm
  • Weight: 0.702 kg (40 cm), 1.788 kg (60 cm) and 2.488 kg (80 cm)
  • Carrying capacity: 5 kg (40 cm) - 10 kg (60 & 80 cm)
  • Included: screws and rawlplugs - as well as brackets for the two largest shelves

Pictures are indicative, as all wood products have different structures and color nuances in their composition.

A quick summary: 

  • Delivery time: 6 - 14 business days (a few countries make take longer)
  • Right to return: 90 days

Shipping fees:

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Please note: Due to complex, administrative challenges, I do not deliver to Norway and United Kingdom.

You also get 90 days of right to return. This way you have plenty of time to evaluate if the items meets your expectations. It could also be a gift for a lucky recipient - and then those 90 days may come in handy, if the recipient doesn't like the watch (that very rarely happens :).

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