Terms & Conditions


For orders delivered in Denmark:
All prices include 25% Danish VAT.

For orders delivered in the EU (except Denmark):
All prices include 25% Danish VAT. 

For orders delivered outside the EU:
All prices are without Danish VAT. Please note that you may be charged extra fees, VAT, tax or customs upon reception of the package.

I do not charge a fee for card payments.


Shipping to Denmark

Shipping fees:
Free shipping from 399 DKK in order value
Otherwise 39 DKK in shipping fee

Delivery time is normally within 1-3 business days.

All items are shipped with GLS, dao or other couriers. You can buy additional delivery methods during checkout.

All orders with personalized products are shipped directly to you from the woodworker in Latvia (member of the EU).

Shipping to countries outside Denmark

A quick summary: 

  • Devliery time: 6 - 14 business days (a few countries make take longer)
  • Right to return: 90 days

Shipping fees:

Europe - zone A:
(Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Poland)

  • 102 DKK (~13.6 €)


  • 127 DKK (~183 SEK)


  • Under 2 kg: 165 DKK (~22 €)
  • Above 2 kg: 189 DKK (~25 €)

Europe - zone B:
(Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain)

  • Under 2 kg: 165 DKK (~22 €)
  • Above 2 kg: 289 DKK (~39 €)

Europe - zone C:
(Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Gibraltar, Vatican City, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

  • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK (~18 €)
  • Above 2 kg: 286 DKK (~38 €)

Greece, Cyprus, Malta:

  • Under 2 kg: 165 DKK (~22 €)
  • Above 2 kg: 358 DKK (~48 €)

    Faroe Islands:

    • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK
    • Above 2 kg: 211 DKK


    • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK
    • Above 2 kg: 476 DKK

    World - zone A:
    Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea

    • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK (~$18)
    • Above 2 kg: 520 DKK (~$69)

    World - zone B:
    Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, USA

    • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK (~$18)
    • Above 2 kg: 600 DKK (~$80)


    • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK (~$18)
    • Above 2 kg: 651 DKK (~$87)

    New Zealand:

    • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK (~$18)
    • Above 2 kg: 751 DKK (~$100)

    Rest of the world:

    • Under 2 kg: 132 DKK (~$18)
    • Above 2 kg: 427 DKK (~$57)

    This is my way of making it clear and transparent - and the package is insured and provided with a tracking link.

    Please note: Due to complex, administrative challenges, I do not deliver to Norway and United Kingdom.

    All items are shipped with national couriers.

    All orders with personalized products are shipped directly to you from the woodworker in Latvia (member of the EU).

    General information regarding shipping

    If you order before 7.00 CET, the item is usually shipped the same day.

    Please note: Due to very complex administrative challenges, I do not ship to Norway.

    Delivery times are always indicative and provided that the item can be ordered from the manufacturer if I do not already have it in stock. In rare cases, an item may be discontinued or backordered. You will always be notified of any delays.
    Delivery time is also dependent on the freight forwarder delivering the package within their normal time limit.

    When the item is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking code. You will receive a separate email with your invoice.


    Payment is charged via debit og credit card or other offered means of payment. The money is deducted only when the item is shipped.

    However, if the product is personlised and made-to-order, the money is withdrawn when the manufacturing of the item starts.


    When shopping in a Danish online shop, the 2-year Danish right of complaint applies. 

    The product warranty does not cover defects, damage or wear, directly or indirectly caused by improper operation or unauthorized intervention.

    If you want to complain about an item, you can send me an email at info@puretime.dk.

    You can also choose to submit a complaint about a product or service purchased from me to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution via forbrug.dk.

    The European Commission has an online complaint portal that can also be used to lodge a complaint. It is particularly relevant for consumers residing in another EU country. Complaint is submitted here - http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When submitting a complaint, you must state my e-mail address: info@puretime.dk.

    Important information regarding mounting wall clcoks

    Although mounting parts for the wall clocks are included and extra type of mounting parts can be purchased, I do not take on any responsibility for the mounting of the clock, incorrect installation or other damage or defects that have occurred as a result of using enclosed or purchased mounting parts.

    Important information regarding temperature and humidity

    Wooden items can be affected by both the humidity and the ambient temperature. This means that over time they will acquire a natural patina and may change character. It does not affect the functionality of the items and is not considered a fault or defect - it is simply the way wood develops.

    Right to return

    You have a 90-day right to return your items on all purchases from the day you receive your item, and 14 days to send the item back from the day you notify me that you regret your purchase.

    If you have bought a personlized made-to-order product, there is no right to return.

    You must bear the cost of returning the item to me.
    If you decline to receive the package or do not pick it up in a package shop nearby (where available), I'll deduct 100 DKK from the refunded amount to cover the shipping back to me.

    Please note that any damage to the goods while in your custody or during transport to me is your responsibility.

    Refund for returned items

    Items that are returned in the same condition as upon receipt, ie. without scratches, scuffs, defects or visible signs of use, will be fully refunded. You are of course welcome to unpack the item and handle it in order to determine the item's nature, properties and mode of operation.

    Goods clearly put to use or damaged while in charge of it or where significant material is missing will be individually assessed for the resale value and any impairment will be deducted from the amount refunded. In case of doubt, contact me for a preliminary assessment.

    Please be aware that if the purchase amount has been refunded to MasterCard, VISA or VISA Electron, it may take up to 30 days before the money is visible on your account.