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Wooden hooks

If you're looking for something that's both practical, beautiful and made in high quality materials, these lovely hooks made of solid oak wood may be the right choice for you.

You can use them to hang e.g. your clothes or tea towels on, and they are made of solid, sanded oak wood with polished edges and a very high level of finish.

They come with cleverly hidden screws so you can let these wooden wall hooks look good on every wall. You have several designs and color variants to choose from.

Beautiful wooden hooks made from solid oak wood

There are a lot of different ways to ‘park’ your clothes - but one of the most elegant ways is surely to use a wooden hook :)

The solid wood hooks are perfect for both the hallway, utility room or maybe the kitchen where they’ll be perfect for different kinds of towels.

You can find a lot of hooks and coat racks in artificial materials, but there is just something with the scent and feeling of sanded, polished solid oak wood that you will not get with e.g. plastic or metal hooks.

Hooks manufactured in the EU

All hooks on PureTime are manufactured in the EU using local oak wood - and they are high quality and top finish.

The screws are hidden to make you enjoy the pure sight of a gorgeous hook. You can find both hooks in natural, light oak wood as well as hooks in dark waxed oak wood.

The hooks are tested to carry up to 5 kg when mounted correctly. Screw and plugs are included in the package.

Where can you place hooks made of wood?

There are numerous places where they will look nice - just to mention a few: hallway, utility room, living room, other rooms, kitchen, bathrooms or maybe in your summer residence?

Wood adds organic life and a nice atmosphere, that you won’t get with other products and even though you can get cheap wooden hooks in bamboo, pine wood or unpolished oak wood, I’ve chosen to sell hooks a bit more expensive but a lot nicer.

You can also buy wooden wall clocks

PureTime also offers wooden wall clocks that I’ve designed myself. They are also made in solid wood and manufactured by the same woodworker who manufactures the hooks.

The woodworker is a small company with 3 employees. They really care a lot about quality and craftsmanship - to our benefit.

The wall clocks come in different variants. They are all driven by a very silent movement from German Jugnhans, and you can choose between several colors of hands.

All clocks are assembled and tested by me before I ship them, and they are carefully packed. All the happy customer testimonials prove that you won’t be disappointed if you buy a wooden wall clock from PureTime.

Great gift idea

Both the hooks and the wall clocks are excellent gift ideas - just like the cute wooden toilet signs. Very simple but still made of solid oak wood in a very nice finish and a product that will surely put a smile on your face.

The toilet signs both come in a light and dark variant and they have double-sided adhesive tape on the back, which makes them easy to mount on the toilet door.

You can also use them as a great solution on the door to the children’s room - only the fantasy is the limit.