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Wooden wall clocks

There is (almost) nothing better than genuine, solid wood.

The delicate structures in wood make each product unique, and here you'll get a beautiful wall clock in solid oak wood.

Danish design, manufactured in the EU from local oak wood - and with at German and almost silent movement.

All watches are assembled and tested in Denmark - please enjoy your new wooden wall clock.

Buy a modern wooden clock

It has become even more trendy to have a clock on the wall that not only shows the time but also looks good.

If you are looking for a wooden clock to place on your wall or shelf, then you have come to the right place.

PureTime designs and sells wall clocks in solid wood. Designed in Denmark, manufactured in the EU and with a German, silent movement.

You can find wall clocks in many different shapes and sizes - right from the cheap off-the-shelf default clocks from China and all the way to designer clocks for which you’ll pay a fortune.

Silent wall clock

PureTime has chosen a very simple approach: I design the clocks myself, and together with my manufacturer I make prototypes to test if the design is ‘spot on’.

Then I’ll order a larger amount of clock dials and assemble the clocks myself in Denmark.

Besides hands of your choice the clock also consists of smaller parts to support the hands as well as a silent movement from German Junghans.

When buying a wall clock online with PureTime, you’ll both get a silent wall clock in a nice design and in a very high quality - and at a price much lower than what you will pay for ‘famous’ designer brand clocks-

How wood clocks are made

Basically you’ll find two kinds of wooden clocks. They are either made in solid wood or in a thin veneer or MDF.

Both kinds of clocks have their advantages and disadvantages.

Veneer and MDF are thin clocks that take up less space and are relatively light. They are inexpensive to manufacture and relatively resistant to their surroundings - and mostly they are priced lower than solid wood clocks.

As they are quite thin, the movement will often protrude and be visible on the backside of the clock so you can’t mount it flat on the wall.

A disadvantage of these thin veneer clocks is that it’s hard to cut out details in the dial - and often the indicators and design elements are just printed on the dial or very lightly engraved.

Some of these clocks may also only be polished on the front side.

Clocks in solid wood are considerably thicker and heavier. By nature they get a regular share of patina because of changes to temperature and humidity. They are more expensive to manufacture and the manufacturing time is longer.

However, they are great when it comes to cut-outs and engravings, as you can really make some nice design elements in the dial.

This is what you get by a wood clock from PureTime

The clocks from PureTime are 2 cm think/high, and they are made with a mounting hole on the back to make the clock sit perfectly flat on the wall.

It measures 28 cm in diameter which is a nice size for a big wall clock without it getting too big.

I am sure it will look great in most homes - and you can choose between wooden clocks in both light and dark wood.