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Here you'll find questions and answers - both regarding especially the clocks and regarding shopping at puretime.dk

Information about the wall clocks

How are the wall clocks made?

The dials are made of solid oak wood - typically from Lithuania or Latvia, where they are also manufactured.

The movement is from Junghans - a Germand brand - and it's close to 100% silent.

The hands are also from Germany and are made of aluminium and painted in either black, silver og gold color.

What is the difference between the different kinds of wood?

It's possible to find wooden wall clocks as low as €30 - €40 in other shops.

Normally this means that they are made out of thin veneer or MDF (pressed or glued wooden left-over pieces). Veneer and MDF are much cheaper when it comes to manufacturing costs compared to cutting the dial from solid wood.

Finally - you'll use much less wood to make a clock i veneer or MDF.

When using veneer and MDF you don't have the option to make deep cut-outs of engravings, because the dial is too thin. Often you'll also find the veneer and MDF clocks are not polished on the edge and the backside.

Is the movement 100% silent?

No - nut quite. I know many other sellers claim that this movement is 100% silent. 
However, there are still parts inside the movement that moves, but it's so quite that you would really have to stick your ear to the backside of the watch to note that it's actually running.

Besides - the movement is hidden within the dial in PureTime wall clocks - which also further isolates the minimal noise.

Practically - you won't be able to hear anything when you've mounted the clock - promise.

How long does the battery last?

Typically a battery lasts 2-3 years.

How does the wall clock cope with humidity?

I don't recommend that you place the clock in a room with high humidity.

Contrary to veneer and MDF, solid wood is more sensitive when it comes to changes in humidity and temperature. This is not a malfunction - this is just how solid wood behaves.

How are the clocks treated?

If the clock needs a different color than regular, light oak, they are treated with a colored hard wax before brushing and sanding left-overs. All watches finally receive a clear and protective wax to make the watch more resistant.

All wax products used on the clocks come from within the EU and are fully certified.

What is enclosed when I buy a wall clock?

Besides the clock and your choice of hands, you'll also get a battery, a screw and a wall plug. In that way you have everything you need to mount the clock and enjoy it.

Where does the model names come from?

I really like the James Bond movies, and there is a lot cool names in the Bond universe, which is my inspiration for naming the different wall clocks.

Information regarding shopping at puretime.dk

How much does shipping cost?

For order values above 750 DKK:
Free shipping worldwide

For order values below 751 DKK:
There is a flat fee for worldwide shipping of DKK 119- around €16 / $19.

How long does delivery take?

Normally it takes 4-12 business days - but it really depends on where in the world you're living.

How can I pay?

You can pay with the major credit cards, Google Pay, Shop Pay and  Apple Pay and I'm looking into adding other payment possibilities as well.

Are there any payment fees?

Typically not. However, your credit card provider or walle provider may have fees on their side, which I don't control. There can also be some smaller adjustments in prices because of exchange rates.

When do you withdraw my money?

I'll withdraw your money when the item is shipped.
However, if you have ordered a personalized item - e.g. a wall clock with engraving - the money is withdrawn when the item is being manufactured.

Is there any warranty when shopping at puretime.dk?

Yes - you'll have a 2 year warranty (which does not cover the battery in wall clocks).

What do I do if I want to return the item?

You can just contact me, and I'll tell you how to proceed. No big fuss :)

You have 90 days of right to return.

However, if you have ordered a personalized item - e.g. a wall clock with engraving - there is no right to return.