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Scandinavian design • Manufactured in the EU
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About PureTime

Behind PureTime is a single person - and that's me, Kenneth.

Throug the years I've build a great passion for watches, clocks & design in general, and I've previously run a webshop selling microbrand wrist watches. I've also worked on my own vintage desk diver design.

However, my real passion has always been the simple, pure and genuine design with quality and aesthetics as key words.

To me a minimalistic design gives people time to breathe, time to look for the details and a nice balance in the mind.

With wooden wall clocks or other special wooden products you certainly get 'the real deal'

You'll find a lot of other shops online selling wooden watches, but most of these watches are typically veneer or MDF.

Veneer is a good material and much cheaper in manufacturing costs, as it's small, thin pieces of wood cut out from a log of wood. After doing so, it can eventually be glued and mixed with other sort of wood or other kind of materials.
I just don't think of it as 'a real wooden clock' if it's veneer - and it's also much lighter and often you'll find it raw / unpolished on edges and the back side.

MDF is a material where you cut other sorts of wood (typically hardwood and coniferous) into very small parts and press or glue these together to form a plate, you can work with.

MDF is the cheapest way to manufacture a wooden clock - but in my opinion also the choise farthest from a 'real' wooden wall clock in solid wood.

Quality wood suppliers

I've deliberately chosen a good woodworker within the EU to manufacture the dials and other of the wooden products, and they are made from local wood typically from Latvia and Lithuania.

The movement and hands come from Germany, and I design, assemble and test the clocks myself before they are shipped.

This is the best way to make sure that the quality of the clocks meets my requirements.

This is by far not the cheapest way to manufacture a wooden wall clock but for me it's the best way.

Why should you buy a wooden wall clock or other wooden products in my shop?

In my shop, you'll get 'the real deal' - a genuine and high quality product. You'll also get a great and personal customer experience and a unique wall clock you won't find anywhere else.

I'm running the shop in my spare time besides my regular full time job, so I'm not working with 'opening hours' or 'working hours' - I'm trying to be available whenever you need it.

If you've speculated how I came up with these strange clock model names, I can tell you that they're inspired by the universe of James Bond that I really like :)

If you wish to contact me, you can either use the contact page or send me an e-mail.


Kind regards,

Kenneth from PureTime
Handelskompagniet Bon
v/ Kenneth Bon Nielsen
Skovsgaardsvej 30
8362 Hoerning
E-mail: info@puretime.dk
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CVR: 37125814