Customer reviews

Simple and minimalist clock. My wife and I love the wall clock: we like the fact it's very simple and the wood makes it warm and welcoming. The numbers are easy to read from far away making it perfect to teach kids to read the time. And we also value a lot the fact the mechanism is made in Europe (Germany) and ofc the clock face in Danemark.

Damian M.

I absolutely love this 😲. I've just received the clock and placed him where it's been waiting for him
This is one of my favorite items until I die. I'm very happy to know you and your clock!
Thank you!

Ari N.

It looks amazing. I want to pay you a compliment for all the little details from the little after eight chocolate having the symbolism of the time (I already ate it). The little handwritten note was fantastic; I will forever call it VESPER the clock. It went from being a model name to almost feeling like it has a bit of a personality. Down to your quirky job title description on your email signature. All of the little details you have put in have made me smile and happy that we were able to support you.

Monique C.

How the wall clocks are manufactured

See how the clocks are manufactured

Scadinavian design - wooden wall clocks

At puretime.dk you can buy wooden wall clocks in Scandinavian design. And they are actually made of solid wood - unlike many other shops selling wall clocks made of veneer or MDF.

All clocks are designed in Denmark by me, Kenneth, who owns the shop. It’s also me who assembles and tests all watches before shipping them to my customers.

It’s important for me that I can guarantee the quality of all the different parts that make up the watch - no matter if you order a wall clock in dark oak wood, a light variant or something else.

Solid wall clock in oak wood for the living room

The dials are made of solid oak wood and they are sanded and polished on all sides of the dial where you’ll find many cheaper wall clocks only being polished on the front surface with the rest left ‘raw’.

The clocks are cut out from massive planks, and then the design is further cut-out or engraved.

Finally the clock is treated with a transparent and protective wax, if it’s a natural color model - or both a colored wax and transparent wax, if it’s a dial that needs another look than the natural, light look.

At the end the clock is polished to make sure it has a perfect finish.

Manufactured in the EU - assembled in Denmark

The dials are manufactured at a small, local woodworker in Latvia. They use local wood from primarily Latvia and Lithuania - and they are 100% focused on the craftsmanship of solid wood.

The manufacturing of the wood dials takes quite some time, as they both need time to dry and stabilize between the different operations, but with a wooden wall clock you get something unique and organic, as not two dials are the same because of the different structures of wood.

When the dials are delivered to me in Denmark, they are stored at natural indoor temperature and low humidity, as wooden clocks are vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity.

When a customer has ordered a clock, I assemble it with the ordered hands and I make sure it runs properly.

Then the clock is packed in a box and shipped to the happy customer.

Wall clock with silent movement

A lot of people are tired of a wall clock with a constant ever-loud noise from the movement. That’s not the case with a clock from PureTime.

I use a silent movement from German Junghans where you don’t have to worry about noise. It just keeps on running - silently.

Low shipping cost and extended right to return

The shipping cost is low and I ship worldwide. At the same time you have 90 days of right to return - much more than what I’m obliged to.

I have decided to offer that because I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to evaluate if you want to keep the clock without rushing your decision.

At the same time a wooden wall clock is a perfect gift idea and with 90 days of right to return the lucky recipient has time to return the clock in the unthinkable event that the clock should not be a ‘keeper’.

Gift ideas for women

A wall clock in solid wood is an obvious gift idea for women (actually, also for men).

You can get cheap watches from China at very low prices, but with a hand made clock in solid wood you are sure to get a clock that lasts longer, is much more tasty to both look at and feel - and a clock that will surely look good in any living room or wherever, you want to be able to both keep track of time and enjoy a nice, Scandinavian design.