Wooden toilet signs • Meeting room signs

Decorate your toilet door with nice, stylish and decorative wooden toilet signs.

You can find many types of toilet signs, but the PureTime wooden toilet signs give you a natural, organic and very nice look while at the same time putting a smile on your face.

The toilet signs are made of solid oak wood and you can choose between natural, light oak wood or dark waxed oak wood.

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Buy beautiful wooden door signs for toilet door

There is a huge selection of toilet signs today - but if you want something that both looks stylish and feels nice to touch - have a look at the male toilet signs and female toilet signs from PureTime.

The wooden signs are made of solid oak wood - and you’ll find that a lot of other wooden toilet signs on the market are made of veneer or plywood - which is bundled pieces of thin ‘slices’ of left-over wood (typically).

Wooden signs manufactured in the EU

The female toilet sign and male toilet sign by PureTime are manufactured in the EU - Latvia more precisely.

Here I have a cooperation with a small woodworker company with only 3 employees.

This means they take part in the entire process and really do their best to deliver a high quality product - which is also something I’m striving to offer myself.

The oak wood comes from local suppliers in Latvia and Lithuania to reduce the enviromental impact as much as possible - and often the toilet signs are manufactured after a batch run of wooden wall clocks to minimize the wooden leftover.

Exclusive wooden female toilet sign and male toilet sign 

There is just something special about a solid piece of wood. Both the feeling when holding the sanded and polished piece of wood aswell as the subte scents you’ll only get from real wood. This experience you won’t get with toilet signs in e.g. plastic or metal.

It looks exclusive with an interior product finished in solid oak wood and it’s both cosy, decorative and makes you smile - at the same time.

Choose between light or dark wood

There is two different types of wooden signs to choose from:

  • Natural, light oak wood
  • Dark waxed oak wood

Both wooden signs are popular - so what to choose depends on the placement in your home. How is the lightning, what is your door made of and not least - what’s your own color preference for a toilet sign.

When mounting the wooden toilet sign you can use the double-sided tape that is included in the package. You can also choose to mount it in another way, if you prefer that.

Quick and cheap delivery

I normally ship all items within 24 hours. If you order before 7.30 CET I’ll normally ship the same day.

If your order value is above 499 DKK (and it doesn’t have to be only toilet signs :) - shipping is free.

If your order value is less than 499 DKK the shipping fee is 95 DKK.

Buy from a Danish webshop

PureTime is a 100% owned Danish webshop with quality products manufactured in the EU. If you’re looking for toilet signs or wall clocks, you’ve come to the right place.