Wooden floating shelves

In almost any home floating shelves would fit really nice with the interior design.

A floating shelf is typically know for it's 'light' and minimalistic design which both gives you space to show your things while at the same time offering an elegant and simple look - also suitable for smaller areas.

The wooden floating shelves from PureTime have hidden mounting on the backside which actually makes the shelf looks like it's floating on the wall.

At the same time you get a nice, organic and 'warm' look when using wood in your home decoration.

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Danish designed wooden floating shelves 

It is not often that you come across wooden products in Danish design - and therefore I am proud to be able to present my floating shelves in wood, which are characterized by a minimalist design with organic lines, warm structures and a very high finish quality.

Wooden floating shelves are an obvious choice for the modern living room or office, where you need a little storage space but conversely do not want any 'heavy' furniture that takes up too much space.

The whole idea of a floating shelf is precisely that it is experienced as a floating shelf that is not held by a visible bracket.

Instead, it is held in place by hidden fittings that can be made in different ways and typically have a branch into the shelf to carry it.

Great looking wooden shelves in light and dark wood

Whether you are looking for the natural, light oak look or prefer the ‘smoked oak’ look, you can find a floating shelf at PureTime that suits your needs.

The natural, light color is preferred by many, as it often fits well into the decor with other light woods.

The dark variant is more in character and can really spice up a light wall, and then it just goes really well with, for example, teak or mahogany furniture.

Whether you choose a floating shelf in light or dark wood, they have always been given a finishing and protective layer of transparent wax, so they last a long time.

High quality wood design

PureTime specializes in designing and manufacturing products in solid oak. It is important to me that the products are both functional, minimalist in their expression and at the same time made in the quality that I myself would expect to receive from a Danish manufacturer.

The goods are produced by a small carpenter in Latvia, after which they are sent to Denmark, where I myself check the quality, assemble, package and send the goods.

All items are somehow handmade. The CNC machine mills out the products, but after that the rest of the process is handmade with grinding, sanding, cleaning and waxing.

Correct installation

Installation instructions for all floating shelves are available online. You will find a link to the installation instructions on the individual item - and it is important that you follow the instructions carefully to make your shelf hang properly.

It is not difficult to mount the shelves, but you must be precise when measuring and drilling.

Floating shelves & other wooden products

Whether you are looking for floating shelves or something else, you can find many of the products from PureTime in both light and dark wood.

You can both find wooden wall clocks - where you will find models in light wood and models in dark wood. You may also want to supplement the floating shelves with wooden hooks or toilet signs - and they are also available in both light and dark wood, so you can get a matching setup.

Possibility of free shipping and 90 days right of return

At PureTime, you have the option of free shipping over a certain amount - and you always have a 90-day right of return, which is relevant, for example, when you buy something for a gift, which many do.

...but honestly: I have virtually no one who regrets a purchase, because most people are fascinated by the products and the high finish when they receive them :)

5 stars on Trustpilot

If you should be in doubt about what other customers think about PureTime, then you can just visit e.g. Trustpilot, where I have a lot of 5-star reviews.

You can also look at the page with product reviews and see what people think about the products I sell.

Then I hope you are convinced and if you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me.