Wooden door stoppers - solid oak wood

Door stoppers come in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

I've chosen to focus on solid oak wood - and to create a door stopper that is both functional, has a nice Danish design - and is sure to put a smile on your face when you see it in action.

Of course, a wooden doorstopper is lighter than the heavy metal doorstoppers available.

However, you get an organic, cute and warm expression with a wooden doorstopper.

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Unique wooden door stopper

There are many types of door stopper on the market. You can find some in steel, rubber, concrete, fabric with filling and probably many other types as well.

Finally, you can find wooden door stoppers - right here on PureTime.

Wood has the amazing ability that no two products are alike due to the wood's unique structures and great difference in both color and pattern.

Danish design

Let me be completely honest: if you are just looking for an effective door stopper, then you can easily find something that is much cheaper. 

Drive to the local supermarket and find a cheap rubber wedge, then the door is stopped.

But if you are looking for a unique door stopper that can both function as a door holder and at the same time contributes to a good atmosphere and not least has a very special and Danish design, then you will not find it in the local supermarket.

I myself have drawn and designed the wooden door stoppers with the desire to make something that is different and something that many of us can relate to.

Wood design made in the EU

The wooden door stoppers are all made by a small, local carpenter in Latvia - from local oak.

The process is more extensive than you might think.

First, the figures are milled out with a CNC milling machine. Then the door stoppers are carefully sanded, which takes time, as there are many whimsical hooks that a machine cannot get into.

If the door stopper needs a ‘smoked oak’ look, it will have a dark wax - applied by hand.

Finally, the figures get a layer of protective, transparent wax to ensure high durability - also in the hand.

100% Danish webshop

When the door stops land in my warehouse, I make sure to mount anti-slip material in the bottom so that they can stand firm and at the same time not scratch the floor.

As soon as you order, I will pack the door stops and ship them.

I ship worldwide - and you get a full 90 days right of return, which is perfect, for example, if you buy the door stopper as a gift.

Are you interested in other products in wood - e.g. wooden wall clocks, wooden hooks or wooden floating shelves, then I can help with that too.

Designed in collaboration with users

My door stoppers are designed in collaboration with users in Facebook groups who really know what the perfect look should be on a door stopper that not only looks like a 'brick' - but is something we can associate with.

Prototypes have been flipped and twisted and worked on based on invaluable feedback from a lot of nice people.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to send me an e-mail - I usually answer within a few hours.