Awake Watches - La Bleue Mangrove - PureTime
Awake Watches - La Bleue Mangrove - PureTime
Awake Watches - La Bleue Mangrove - PureTime
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Awake Watches - La Bleue Mangrove

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Delivery time10 - 18 working days

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Designed inDenmark

Right to return90 days

Manufactured inthe EU

Oak wood from the EU

Through a previous collaboration with Awake Watches, I got hold of a small remaining batch of models that have been discontinued.

This is a nice watch from Awake, which has set out to create watches from as environmentally friendly materials and recycling as possible.

The dial is completely unique with its organic structure with symbolism for the waves of the sea and with its enormously delicious, deep green colour, which changes 'play' depending on the light. Underneath the dial is a solar cell movement, which only needs light to work - avoid boring battery changes - just make sure to use the watch in daylight and preferably sunlight.

The watch is 38 mm and can be worn by both men and women.

The indicators are luminous.

On a full 'charge', the watch runs for 3 months - and this requires approximately 4 hours of charging in the sunshine.

The watch case is made from recycled fishing nets and is among the lightest I have ever worn.

The strap is made from recycled plastic bottles from the sea, and you also get an unused, black natural rubber strap with the purchase.

The original price of the watch before it was discontinued was approx. 1,300 kroner.

A quick summary: 

  • Delivery time: 6 - 14 business days (a few countries make take longer)
  • Right to return: 90 days

Shipping fees:

Please see this link for updated shipping fees.


Please note: Due to complex, administrative challenges, I do not deliver to Norway and United Kingdom.

You also get 90 days of right to return. This way you have plenty of time to evaluate if the items meets your expectations. It could also be a gift for a lucky recipient - and then those 90 days may come in handy, if the recipient doesn't like the watch (that very rarely happens :).

If you order a product that is being made-to-order and personalized there is no right to return.