Højdemåler i træ med navn • Dino • Fremstillet i Danmark - PureTime
Højdemåler i træ med navn • Dino • Fremstillet i Danmark - PureTime
Højdemåler i træ med navn • Dino • Fremstillet i Danmark - PureTime

Height chart in wood with name • Dino • Made in Denmark

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With name (+DKK 60)
Additional purchase of nano-tape (+ DKK 29)

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Delivery time10 - 18 working days

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Designed inDenmark

Right to returnUp to 90 days

Manufactured inDenmark

Beech wood from the EU

Take a prehistoric animal and add to it the children's imagination, and you have this unique and super cute wooden Dino height chart, where the child's name is cut out along the height chart.

In addition to being cute and a tiny bit mysterious-dangerous, the Dino height chart is also fantastic when the children have to learn about numbers and calculations.

Dino requires no food and drink or other maintenance :)

You simply have to mount it on the wall - for example with nanotape, which you can either buy with or buy in most hardware stores.

The big advantage of nano-tape is that it can be easily removed again.

The height chart is both designed and produced here in Denmark - and it is made to order - freshly cut.

It is made of 3 mm birch veneer - made from wood from sustainable areas with tree replanting.

It comes in two parts - like two pieces of a puzzle, and then you just have to set it up :)

The delivery time is approximately 4-10 working days.

Note: As this item is specially made for you, there is unfortunately no right of return. At the same time, I reserve the right to withdraw the money when the manufacture of the height chart starts.
If you choose the height chart without a name, you still have a 90-day right of return/right of cancellation and the money will only be withdrawn when the item has been sent.

Design: Woodenfactory


  • Height: approx. 107 cm
  • Width: approx. 29 cm
  • Wood: Birch veneer, certified sustainable
  • Recommended mounting: nano-tape

Pictures are indicative, as wood is unique and all height charts have their very own, unique look.

A quick summary: 

  • Delivery time: 6 - 14 business days (a few countries make take longer)
  • Right to return: 90 days

Shipping fees:

Please see this link for updated shipping fees.


Please note: Due to complex, administrative challenges, I do not deliver to Norway and United Kingdom.

You also get 90 days of right to return. This way you have plenty of time to evaluate if the items meets your expectations. It could also be a gift for a lucky recipient - and then those 90 days may come in handy, if the recipient doesn't like the watch (that very rarely happens :).

If you order a product that is being made-to-order and personalized there is no right to return.