The shop is live!

Finally - the day arrived where I could launch the shop after months of intense work.

This project began with a thought - which then became an idea 💡

Then I used several nights drawing, measuring, testing and sketching. Together with my amazin manufacturer in Latvia I got it all enhanced to represent the final design variants - and I'm very happy with them.

The dials will land in Denmark in a few days, and then I'm ready to assemble and ship the clocks. I wish to thank all of you who has shown interest and helped med 'vote' the right designs through!

It has been a bigger project to collect the best quality parts for the clock, but I really like the result and the possibility to offer you a Danish designed wall clock, manufactured in the EU with parts from Germany.

All clocks are assembled by hand and tested by me personally - and our spare guest room really cannot hold any guests anymore 😆

Welcome to my universe - I hope you like it.

Kind regards,

Kenneth, owner

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