Large wall clocks in solid oak wood

The last couple of years there has been a 'thing' about decorating your wall with trendy, big & minimalistic design interior - and very often with organic materials like wood.

Fashion changes as time goes by. Once our homes were filled with small nifty design objects all over the place - and today it is quite the opposite: we wan't ease and simplicity in our homes - which is possible with many modern design elements - such as large wall clocks.

How big is big?

Big isn't always better. You can find large wall clocks up to around 50 centimers in diameter. However, such a clock requires a big wall as it needs to have sufficient space to let the clock come to its right.

At the same time a large clock is also quite heavy if it's made from solid wood. That's why you often see such large clocks made of thin (and more inexpensive) veneer or synthetic materials such as plastic, metal etc.

I've chosen to design my PureTime wall clocks to measure 28 cm in diameter and 2 cm in height.

To me that's the perfect size, as it still a sizeable clock (also on a big wall) - but at the same time it's not too dominating.

Large wall clock made of solid wood - Samedi
In the picture: Samedi with silver hands

Large wall clocks for walls and shelves

Antoher advantage by keeping the size at 28 centimeter in diameter is the possiblity to move the clock around.

It still weighs about 850 grams - but with 28 centimeter it will fit onto more walls and shelves in the home compared to a very large 50 centimeter clock.

That's one thing you often forget when falling in love with a new piece of design interior: you'll later want to move things around a bit to freshen things up.

How do I mount a wall clock?

If you choose to place the clock on a shelf or table, you probably have that answer yourself :)

But if you want to mount the clock on the wall, you have to make sure you use a proper method of mounting according to the wall material.

Typically walls are made of plaster, concrete or some kind of brick today. You'll need a solid wall plug and a matching size screw.

Some people forget that the head of the screw should stick out some milimeters to allow the clock to be properly mounted - and the head should not be bigger than the mounting hole on the clock.

The wall clocks from PureTime come with a cut-out on the back of the watch, a wall plug and a screw to match. And it's high quality accessories (and yes - there's actually quite a big difference on the quality of wall plugs!).

Large wall clock - Mathis with black hands
In the picture: Mathis with black hands

Mounting without drilling

In the PureTime Shop I also supply an adhedsive nail from TESA. This item is available on request, so please contact me before you order.

This adhesive nail is approved for 2 kg of weight (a clock from PureTime weighs about 860 grams). It's pretty clever: You mount a double-sided piece of adhesive tape on the wall, mount a 'hook/nail' on the tape (also included), and then you just mount the clock - no drilling at all.

Upon removal, you can safely remove the adhesive nail without worrying about damaing your painted walls (unless you have some very old wall paper wall already ready for renovation).

Buy wall clocks online

When shopping your large wall clock at PureTime, you are secured both a low, flat fee shipping cost and 90 days of right to return (especially useful if you buy the clock as a gift).

Normally I'll ship the clock within a couple of days - and I assemble, pack and test all clocks myself. You should have the clock with you in another 3 - 10 working days.

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