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Wood design - refresh your interior design

It has been increasingly popular to use wood design as the main interior design style within the latest years.

Wood design was a really massive design impact in the middle of the 19th century, and after decades with different other materials trending - interior wood design has really become visible and popular again.

There are possibly variuos reasons for this comeback, but I would hightlight the following reasons:

  • Wood ads 'warmth'
  • Wood makes you feel calm
  • Wood ads something organic
  • Wood is unique
  • Wood is genuine and pure

Scandinavian interior design

When you use Scandinavian interior design made from solid wood, you will get a look which is both vintage and modern at the same time.

Example: Did you ever consider treating your old wooden ceiling with a proper cleaning and wooden freshup product to give it back it's fresh and natural look in stead of just painting it pure white?

Or have you thought about combining the straing and clinical surfaces in the kitchen with a rough looking table made of solid oak wood planks with a wooden wall clock to finish the natural look?

Another thing becoming more popular right now are small wall sections made of thin planks. On the back of these planks a noise cancelling fabric cloth is mounted.

This looks very uniqe and also has practical noise cancelling function in most great kitchens.

Vesper - wooden wall clocks

In the picture: Vesper with black hands

Wood design does not have to be expensive

You don't have to spend a fortune, if you wish to buy great looking wood interior elements for your home.

Maybe you've already seen the cute wooden toilet signs, I'm selling? They are also perfect for the door to the children's room.

In Denmark alone there are several renowned designers who make really nice, clean wood design products. You might take a look at dot aarhus who creates simple wooden design objects that are both practical as well as pleasing for the eye.

Or maybe you're more into the traditional Kaj Bojesen style - an ever popular choice - or it could be that you prefer the nice little figures from Spring Copenhagen?

Wall clocks in solid oak wood

Of course I would like to highlight the option to add a nice wooden wall clock from PureTime to your interior design portfolio.

I've designed them myself and the dials are manufactured in the EU. The rest of the parts are from Germany, and I assemble and test the clocks myself before shipping them.

You can find both light and dark models - all in solid oak wood - so no matter if you're looking for a modern, light look to shine bright on the wall of shelf - or if you're going for the vintage inspired dark look lounge attitude - you can find it in the shop.

Wood design - organic life


From an idea to the final product

When working with Scandinavian interior design it's all about being able to visualize how the final product will look like.

In my case it's about wooden wall clocks in solid oak wood - but it's not just a round dial with hands.

Of course: Being able to choose your own hands is an important element, but I spend a lot of time creating the dial itself.

It needs to be both harmonic and unique while also offering something special.

The minimalistic design approach it well suited for wooden products, but it's not until I see the prototypes that I can evalute the final product and if I hit the target with the cut-outs, the engraving shadows and the combination of light and dark colors which is something that is quite unique for the PureTime watches combined to other wall clocks in the market.

Besides the design the clock also needs to 'feel' right. The polished surfaces must be perfect and the smell of wood is an important 'ingredient' in the complete 'clock experience' - a wall clock in high quality.

Luckily I have a good woodworker to do the manufacturing and he is also an important sparring partner to comment on both the good and the bad ideas.

Do you want take part in designing the next watch?

Yes - that's right. I really want to know what you think, when I'm all dived into new clock designs and maybe you have that unique idea for the next wall clock design?

No mattter what - you can sign up for the newsletter and be sure to be among the first ones to be part of evaluating and developing new designs of beautiful wooden wall clocks.


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