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Focus on your walls

The wall clock is a natural focal point. Therefore, you can benefit from being aware of this focus in the design of your home. You can find clocks for the walls in all kinds of materials and styles. Just remember that it's something you'll want to look at daily. Therefore, choose one or more clocks for the walls of your home in a style that suits your decor and preferred style.

If you are looking for a wall clock in good quality, then you are in the right place. Here at puretime.dk you will find, among other things, a selection of wall clocks in solid wood in a classic, timeless design style. A delicious feature in the interior, which can adorn your walls with a practical design element, so that you can easily see what time it is.

You can also easily find wall clocks in other materials - e.g. plastic - and at a different price, but if you want something that is completely unique, where no two wall clocks are alike and where you know that it is made in Europe and in solid quality, then a wall clock from PureTime is a good choice.

Vesper wall clock

Photo: Vesper wall clock

Wall clocks in Danish design

There are not that many Danish-designed wall clocks on the market. You can find some from one of the larger (and more expensive) design houses and some in a thin veneer, but otherwise there are not many 'Danish' options for buying a wall clock.

At Puretime, you will find quality wooden wall clocks that appeal both to the quality-conscious design enthusiast and to people who simply prefer products made from natural materials. If you choose one of my wall clocks, you will get a silent wall clock in solid wood in a nice design from a Danish company, where customer satisfaction is top notch - check for yourself on Trustpilot (https://dk.trustpilot.com/review/puretime .dk).

All my wall clocks are made of solid oak, typically from Latvia and Lithuania, where the clocks are made. The design is Danish and the watches are assembled, quality checked and tested at puretime.dk in Denmark. The collaboration with the carpenter who makes the dials is close. I have continuously worked on expanding the range at puretime.dk and have a close dialogue with my joiner on a daily basis.

Get an elegant wall clock in solid wood

A wooden wall clock provides an element of warmth and naturalness in your interior. When you prioritize solid wood, you add a touch of solidity and authenticity. The natural material in interaction with a practical function is a winning combination.

If you choose a wall clock from Puretime, you get Danish design at its best. Quality in every detail. You get a clock face in solid oak, clockwork from German Junghans and your new wall clock is assembled by hand and tested before it is sent to you. Attention is paid to the details and you can choose your own design combination:

  • What design should the dial have? Numbers or markings? Color?
  • What color do you prefer on the hands?

The movement is quality from Junghans. The hands, which are also German, are in aluminum and either black, silver-colored or gold-colored.

Again, you can easily find cheaper wooden watches, but then it is typically mass-produced in China and/or in a cheaper type of veneer. You usually get what you pay for.

Mathis - wall clock

Photo: Mathis wall clock

Danish designed clocks for walls

A wall clock from puretime.dk was designed in Denmark by the owner of PureTime, Kenneth. I have been interested in design and aesthetics for many years and prefer the simple, streamlined and timeless in the Danish design tradition, which also leaves room for a focus on functionality.

I myself am responsible for the final quality check of the dials, assembly of the watches with movements and the hands you have chosen, and the shipment of the watches directly to you.

Modern wall clocks named after James Bond

The wall clocks in the PureTimes collection are named after characters in the James Bond universe. I really like the universe around Bond, and there are many good characterful names, so why not be inspired by the naming of wall clocks.

It must sound a bit delicious at the same time that there is actually a thought behind it, right? :)

Therefore, among my wall clocks you will find, among other things:

  • Vesper, a wall clock in light oak with dark carvings
  • Mathis, wall clock in light oak with slightly 'groovy' numbers
  • and Orso, wall clock in light oak with stylish numbers

among the names of the wall clocks.

High quality wall clocks

If you are looking for a quality clock to adorn the wall, you can certainly find it at puretime.dk. I prioritize quality in all elements of the watch: dial, movement, hands and the overall look.

With the watch collection here at puretime.dk, I believe that you as a customer get high quality and good value for money.

For me, it is important to deliver a proper piece of craftsmanship, and fortunately my carpenter feels the same way. We do not mass produce, as we are both fairly small companies - on the other hand, we go into it with heart and soul.

I doubt that the large, mass-producing factories do :)

Each dial is unique

Solid wood is a natural product. Each wall clock is made from several composite oak beams. There will therefore be small color and structure differences on the individual dial. It contributes to the overall expression of the solid oak, which I have chosen to be the focus of PureTime's collection of wall clocks.

You get a unique clock for the wall with small distinctive features, which give a number of natural characteristics to your clock face and your wall clock.

Some are light, others are dark - some have delicious pith rays, others are uniform, some have large veins, etc. That's the beauty of the unique.

Dial in solid oak

When you choose a wall clock from puretime.dk, you get a clock face made of solid wood - regardless of which wall clock you choose. It is solid oak from Latvia and Lithuania, where the dials are also made in a small workshop. It is therefore the same type of wood all the way through the dial. In PureTime's case eg.

The advantages of choosing solid wood are that cutouts can easily be made in the wood. And the cuts will be nice and precise. If you choose to make the dial in veneer, it is more difficult to get the same beautiful cutouts of numbers/markings. Therefore, veneer watches are typically made with painted numbers/markings instead.

Read more about the difference between veneer and solid wood

Orso - wooden wall clock

Photo: Orso wall clock

Craftsmanship and quality check of the watch

Half of the work with each dial is machined with a CNC milling machine. With the router, a pattern is cut out of the solid wood. The other half of the work is handwork. Each dial is ground, painted, sanded, waxed and polished. Before the dials are sent to Denmark, a quality check takes place. I also carry out a check when each individual wall clock is assembled and quality checked before it is sent to you who receives the clock from puretime.dk.

It might sound like a sales pitch, but for me it is actually important that what I send out is of proper quality - and that I can vouch for the product myself.

This is again where it typically differs if you shop at a small webshop versus a large webshop or store.

Please note that each clock is made from several composite wooden beams, and there may be color and texture differences (the veins in the wood, pith rays , etc.) in each individual clock face. It is natural and makes each and every dial something completely unique. If you have special wishes for the appearance, please note it in the comment field when you place your order for the wall clock online. Then I will do my utmost to meet special requests based on the art of the possible.

Once the cutouts are made, the dial is treated with wax. If you prefer a color other than the natural oak colour, the wall clock will first be treated with colored wax.

The final finish on the dial is a clear wax, which helps protect the dial against moisture. Solid wood does not tolerate a humid environment very well. The wax helps to ensure a long durability and a nice surface, which looks good on the hands of the wall clock.

See the selection of wall clocks

Quality movement from Junghans

The Junghans movement, which is of German quality, is hidden in a recess on the back of the clock face itself, so you can enjoy the silence of a beautifully designed and extremely quiet wall clock. At the same time, the clock hangs neatly against the wall without protruding more than 2 cm from your walls. The 2 cm is the thickness of the solid dial.

Many wall clocks have Chinese works, which are not quite as solid as the German ones, so remember to check what is in the wall clock you buy next time.

Some would claim that the movement in the wall clocks here is silent. I can say with 100% certainty that the movement is at least silent. If you stand with your ear right up to the clock and clockwork, you might be able to hear a very faint sound. Whether it is a silent wall clock you get from puretime.dk, I will leave that up to you and your hearing to decide. I myself find that it is a wall clock without sound.

Read more about silent wall clocks

The movement only uses a single AA battery, which is also included when you receive your delivery from puretime.dk.

Choose your hands for the clock yourself

Once you have chosen your watch face, you must choose which color hands you want on the watch. The hands on your new wall clock are available in 3 different colours:

  • black
  • silver colored
  • gold colored

All hands are made in Germany in aluminium.

These 3 color options have been chosen because I believe they provide the perfect interaction with the solid oak dials. The colors fit well into a Danish design tradition and have a classic, timeless expression that will never go out of style. You therefore get a wall clock that you can proudly display in your home for many years.

For each model of wall clock, you can see pictures of the clock face with each of the 3 color options for hands.

See the selection of wall clocks

Large wall clocks

All wall clocks at Puretime are 28 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick solid oak. Space has been made on the back of the clock for the clockwork, so that the clock can hang close to the wall in your home.

With a clock on the wall of that size, most people can see what time it is relatively easily – even from a greater distance in e.g. a large living room. That is why the large wall clocks in the Puretime collection fit into the vast majority of homes.

Read more about large wall clocks

The wall clock from puretime.dk will therefore become a natural focal point of a certain size, without however stealing all attention from other interior design elements.

Dial diameter

There are also larger wall clocks on the market - up to 40 cm and 3-4 cm in thickness. It can fit well in certain, larger rooms, but I have chosen to limit myself to the size of 28 cm and 2 cm in thickness, as I think it is a natural size which at the same time will not seem like a solid and heavy piece design.

If you are looking for a wall clock in the very large size, so that it is, for example, a focal point on a large wall, then in some cases it will be a clock where you have to mount the numbers or markings on the wall yourself. It often pays to spend time preparing the assembly so that the numbers/markings sit neatly. Even a few millimeters of misalignment will disturb the eye of most people.

You can avoid that annoyance by choosing a clock where you only have to mount the clock face itself on the wall.

Stromberg wall clock

Photo: Stromberg wall clock

You get wall clocks where price and quality go together

The quality is top notch, the price is reasonable and our customer service is second to none. At PureTime, you get Danish-designed wall clocks with virtually silent clockwork made in solid wood in the EU.

Your order of the clock also includes an AA battery, screw and rawl plug, so that you can easily and quickly hang the clock on the wall as soon as you have received it.

If, contrary to expectations, you are not 100% satisfied with your wall clock from puretime.dk, contact me so that we can resolve it so that everyone is satisfied. You of course have a 2-year right to complain, and I do my utmost to ensure that all customers at puretime.dk are happy and satisfied with their wall clocks and other products from my shop.

Special wishes for your new quality wall clock?

If you have any special wishes for play of colors in the wood, structure or anything else, please write it in the comment field when you order your new wall clock online. I endeavor to fulfill your wishes as far as possible.

Free delivery and 90 day return policy

You get free delivery and a full 90-day right of return. Your new wall clock from puretime.dk is normally delivered within 1-3 working days. Have you ordered a wall clock or other items from my shop before 07, then I usually send it to you the same day, if I have the goods in stock.

Read more about free shipping and a 90-day return policy

Interested in a wall clock?

If you are interested in a new clock to adorn the wall in your home, then feel free to explore the collection of wooden wall clocks here in the shop. Here, quality is paramount and care is taken for every single detail in and on the watch.

The manufacture of the watches is genuine handwork. Human hand added CNC milling and eye for detail. I have created a detailed description of the work behind each and every wall clock you will find in the PureTimes clock collection.

See how the wall clocks on puretime.dk are manufactured

In the example, you see how the Vesper watch is manufactured in Latvia. Vesper is one of the most popular wall clocks in puretime.dk's collection of wall clocks. The light oak with the 12 dark markings plus hands in black, silver or gold is our take on a true Danish design classic.

A decorative wall clock in a classically inspired design

The wall clock usually serves several purposes: to show what time it is at any time of the day and at the same time to be a decorative design element on the walls of one or more rooms in our home. If you have chosen one or more of PureTime's wall clocks to adorn one or more walls in your home, you have also chosen a design that is both classic and modern in expression.

You can clearly see what time it is, the design adheres to the usual clock design conventions with 12 numbers or markings that can be easily read. At the same time, the materials are among the most classic in a Danish design style. Natural materials and clean lines in a perfect combination. You get it all in your new wall clock from puretime.dk.

Other products in solid oak from PureTime

In the years I have designed, manufactured and sold my wall clocks at Puretime, I have always collaborated with the same supplier of solid wood clock faces. We have tested and continuously test different designs of wall clocks. You may be lucky enough to find a demo model of a wall clock that suits your taste, which you can get for an extra sharp price.

Over the years, we have also expanded the product range to also include other products in natural materials, primarily solid oak.

Therefore, you will also find in the range at PureTime products such as:

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