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Silent wall clocks - do they exist?

A lot of people have one important then in mind when looking for a wall clock: it has to be silent.

A lot of wall clocks has a tick-tack sound which has a remarkable ability to capture all your attention when you've first heard it once.

This is indeed the fact with wall clocks with seconds hand, where the hand moves each second - but it's also appearing on wall clocks without seconds hand, if the movement quality is not good enough.

In photo: Zorin - wooden wall clock

Silent movement from Germany

The movements from the wooden wall clocks from PureTime are from German company Junghans. They are both advertised as 'silent' and 'quiet', and in several webshops you'll find the statement, that the movement is 100% silent.

However, this is only close to the truth.

When the clock hangs on the wall or stands on a shelf in daily surroundings, you won't be able to hear it - I'll almost guarantee that (and I've tested a lot of clocks at many different places). But there's also another side of the clock - so to speak.

The technique behind a silent wall clock

If you put the backside of the clock all the way up to your ear in a silent room, you'll be able to hear a very vaque tick tack sound.

This is simply down to the mechanics driving the minute hand 1/60 every minute. Instead of moving the minute hand one minute each minute, it's moved in very small intervals which after 1 minute also equals 1 minute on the dial.

As this cannot happen without a bit of action inside the movement - there will naturely have to be a very low sound.

After all, you'll probably never notice this, and a lot of my customers love that the clock is 'silent' - which, practially speaking, is the truth.

In photo: Paulis - wooden wall clock

Wall clocks with loops

Most movements come with a little loop in metal, which you can use to mount the clock. However, I've chosen to cut a mounting hole in the backside of the watch.

This both seems as a more solid solution while at the same time offering a more sleek design as opposed to a backside with a small metal loop popping out.

Other nice wooden products

Besides the cool wooden wall clocks in the shop, I also sell other quality products made of solid oak wood.

I have a series of 3 different variants of wooden hooks, and each model comes in two different color variants (light or dark), or maybe you're interested in some cosy wooden toilet signs, which are also available in both a light and dark variant.

The hooks are mounted with hidden screws on the backside and they are of course included. The toilet signs come with double-adhesive tape, as they don't have to carry the weight of jackets etc.

Gatis - wooden hooks

In photo: Gatis - wooden hooks

A summary - silent wall clocks

To sum it all op:

  • Wall clocks with a price tag below €150 are almost impossible to find with 100% silent movements.
  • You'll find wall clocks with very silent movements, where you won't be able to hear anything, unless you keep the clock close to your ear (which would look strange up on the wall :)
  • Wall clocks with seconds hands are often more noisy, as the seconds hand needs to be driven forward each second

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