Wood wall hooks for every occasion

Wood wall hooks are a perfect way to obtain an organic look - no matter if it's in a house or a flat.

There are a lot of different wood wall hooks out there - and they are all made in different ways according to the type of wood used.

Besides the wooden material and the quality - the choice of hooks very much depends on the design - whether it's something you like - and if it's both practical and nice to look at, as very few people use hooks purely as a home decoration element.

Gatis wood wall hook

Above - Gatis wood wall hook

Wood wall hooks - different types

One of the cheapest ways to manufacture industrial wooden products is to use bamboo. That's why many of the cheap hooks (and wooden products in general) is made of bamboo wood.

Actually the bamboo is categorized within the grass family, but it's wooden look makes it a frequent material for wood-like products.

You will also be able to find hooks made of pine wood even though pine wood has not been very popular lately.

The hooks from PureTime are made of solid oak wood from local, European forests. To me oak is the 'real' and everlasting type of wood with a high quality and durability as well as a nice structure.

Raitis wood wall hook

Above - Raitis wood wall hook

Manufacturing the hooks

There is of course a big difference on how the hooks are manufactured if you compare e.g. hooks made of solid wood with hooks made of plywood.

The wood wall hooks sold in this shop are typically cut out at the same time as my clock dials for the nice wooden wall clocks are made. When the clock dials are cut out it's possible to cut out the hooks from the left-overs of the wooden logs - which is typically the corners after the circular clock dials are cut out.

After being cut out the hooks are treated by hand, where they are being sanded and polished to finallly receive a transparent, protective wax to make the even more resistent.

The hooks are then shipped to me - and I'll pack and ship them specifically to you when you order. Nothing is box packed 'from factory. Everything is picked, packed and shipped with care.

Ideas for home decoration

You can mount the wood wall hooks in many different places. The most obvious ones being the entry hall, the utility room and the kitchen.

However, they also look great in e.g. your bathroom or in your bedroom. Just remember that all types of wood are affected by humidity and that wood will change its apperance over time.

Normally most people start their shopping process by deciding if they are looking for a natural, light oak wood look - or if they prefer them brown - like smoked oak (which has got nothing to do with smoke - but is merely a color description).

After this you can browse the shops and see if you're attracted by the slim, long Gatis wood wall hook - the low and very decorative Gusts wood hook - or if you want to take full advantage of the design with the Raitis wood wall hook - which is actually 2-in-1 that gives you double-up on usable hooks.

Please note that the more hooks you buy - the higher discount you'll get. So it might be an idea to count how many you actually need - and maybe your neighbour or family needs some too?

Du kan montere træknagerne mange steder. De oplagte steder er i entreen, bryggerset og køkkenet.

Gusts wood wall hook

Above - Gusts wood wall hook

Single hooks or a wooden coat rack?

It's a popular choice with both single hooks and wooden coat racks. If you prefer one or the other it's very much an individual choice.

Practically, a coat rack is quicker to mount, as you mount the rack itself and then have the required amount of hooks available.

On the other hand, single hooks will give you the opportunity to mount the hooks in different shapes or patterns or split them to be mounted e.g. on both sides of the mirror in the hallway.

I hope this guide has helped you understand the choices and options, you have.

Remember that when shopping with PureTime, you have 90 days of right to return and low shipping costs.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

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