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New: Wall clock with engraving

As something very new I also offer wall clocks with engraving.

You choose the text yourself (up to 100 characters) and where you want the engraving to be - and then my woodworker will take care of the rest. I have quite a lot of different fonts you can choose from.

You can also have your logo, a drawing or something else engraved on the clock. Just contact me and I'm sure we'll find the perfect solution for you.

How much does it cost?

I charge 125 DKK (~ €17 / $20) extra to engrave your personalized text on the clock. This both covers the cost for engraveing as well as the cost to have the clock shipped directly to you from the woodworker in Latvia - fully insured and sent with UPS.

How does it work?

First of all, you find your favorite clock among all the wooden wall clocks I'm selling.

Then you send me an e-mail on info@puretime.dk with the required text and placement, and I'll get back to you with further information.

Approximately 2 business days later you'll recevie a very raw computer sketch to show how your engraving (in sketch form) will look.

When you've approved it, you clock is normlly manufactured within 3-4 business days, and then the clock is shipped.

You will of course be informed about the progress and also receive a tracking link, so you can track the package.

It is also possible to engrave a logo or text

How is the engraving done?

The engraving is done with a CNC machine where the wood is being cut out by a very tiny drill.

This also means that the engraving itself will have a natural shadow to make the engraving stand out and give a nice depth.

As opposed to laser engraving there are no dark (burned) edges or other coloring in the engraving. This is the pure, fine art.

Inspiration to engraved wooden wall clocks

An engraved wall clock is the perfect gift idea. It is ideally suited for e.g. a wedding, birthday, anniversay or maybe as a fun memory of a bachelor party (with the names of the participants engraved).

The unique thing about engraving is that no one has the same.

If you wish an engraving with a personal text, dates, names, sayings or something else - that's completely up to you.

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