Wall clocks with numbers - a timeless classic

When it comes to acquiring a wall clock, there are many options. One of the classics is to go for a wall clock with numbers.

Wall clocks with numbers have the great advantage that they are often very easy to read the time on. Of course, there is a big difference in how the numbers are written, but as a starting point, a wall clock with numbers is a 'practical clock', where you can easily see what the time is.

Danish designed wall clocks with numbers

Basically, you can go two ways when choosing a wall clock with numbers:

  • Finding a watch that clearly shows the numbers - which is cheap and works in practice
  • Find a watch that clearly shows the numbers, but which alsp becomes part of your decor

It's no secret that I recommend solution number two :)

At PureTime, you will find wall clocks with numbers, where you both get a clock that is easy to decode - but which also gives you a warm and natural, organic expression in your decor.

I have spent a lot of time designing and refining the wall clocks so that they both look good, feel and smell like a real wood product (because that is what they are).

In the picture: Mathis - wall clockwith numbers

What type of numbers can you have on wall clocks with numbers?

Overall, two types of numbers or fonts are distinguished:

  • Serif - which is numbers and writing where there are small 'feet' - typically at the bottom - that align with the line they are placed on
  • Sans serif - which is numbers and writing that are simpler without 'feet' or other lines to connect the letters

Traditionally, serif writing has been used because it provides immediate readability when viewed on a piece of printed paper, as the letters are slightly connected. The downside is that it gets harder to read the smaller it gets.

Conversely, in recent times and primarily on screens (eg internet sites like this) fonts without 'feet' have been used because they look simpler and lighter on a screen - and because you will rarely (unlike for example a newspaper) find long sections exclusively with text.

Sans serif - serif

Modern or classic figures

In addition to the type of numbers themselves, there is of course also the style itself - that is, what expression the numbers have.

The wall clocks I have designed have an expression that I myself would call modern, simple and with a little 'swung'.

I have chosen to design some numbers that are clear to read, but which are not stringent and straight as you find with classic fonts such as the one you read here or the ones you typically see in Word documents etc.

Conversely, I have also not chosen to go with the completely ‘crazy’ variants like the once so popular Comic Sans or other types that are very informal.

I have tried to create a modern watch with numbers that have some nice curves and that just gives a little more life to the dial than if it had just been a completely standardized font.

In the picture: Mathis - wall clock with numbers

What if the wall clock is not exactly my style?

If you buy a wall clock from me, then you have 90 day return policy. I provide this to ensure that you can find out if the wall clock lives up to your expectations.

It is often only when you have an item in hand that you really get the full experience, and this is often the case with my wall clocks as well.

At the same time I can not really show the 'smell' of wood in the webshop :)

The 90-day return policy is also good to have if, for example, you buy the wall clock as a gift.

I have sold hundreds of wall clocks, and honestly: Not a single one has regretted their purchase yet, so I'm sure you will not be disappointed either :)

Do you have further questions?

If you have questions about numbers, wall clocks, fonts or wood, please send me an email at info@puretime.dk - I always answer within a few hours.

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