Exciting news at PureTime

It has been a really busy time the last few months.

As early as November, people started buying Christmas presents, and I was twice as busy as in a normal month, so there was plenty to look after - and that's great!

More news have arrived in the shop during autumn 2021, and they deserve some attention, even if they have already been received fantastically well by the many happy customers :)

News no. 1: Wooden floating shelves

Chiffre is one of the novelties. The name comes from the James Bond film Casino, where Mads Mikkelsen plays Le Chiffre - a real classic.

Chiffre is available in three different sizes: 12, 16 and 20 centimeters in diameter on the longest link.

The floating shelf is designed so that it can sit very close to the wall and at the same time look as if it 'disappears' into the wall.

Chiffre is simply mounted with two screws that are hidden on the back, so the shelf appears light and elegant.

It is available in two different colors - natural, light oak and dark grown oak, which gives it a 'smoked oak' look.

News no. 2: Doorstops - like cats!

What?! Yes, it is good enough. I got an idea to make a doorstop that looks like a cat (admittedly, I'm a cat person). It resulted in Mr. Meow (and I frankly admit that that name does not refer to anything in the James Bond universe :), which also comes in both a light and a dark variant.

Mr. Meow has had non-slip tape installed under his paws, so he can stand firmly and at the same time not scratch the floor. Smart, right?

I know that many customers also buy them as decorations for the shelf, because they are really nice to have standing - and then they are absolutely brilliant as a gift idea.

News no. 3: Learning tower and climbing frame

The beautiful learning tower (and climbing frame) are not my own design - but they are still designed and not least safety approved in Denmark. They are produced from organic birch wood and organic lacquer is used to give the children the best conditions when they strengthen their motor skills and explore the world.

Unlike many other learning towers, the Maya learning tower is a tower with a total of 3 functions, so that the child can sit, stand and use it as a chair and table.

The climbing rack is also ecologically manufactured - and it comes with both a rack and a reversible ramp, so you get both a climbing ramp and a sliding ramp in the same unit - that's a good idea - and it's also safety approved in Denmark.

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